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Kill Your Darlings

[ 30 August 2014; 18:30 to 22:30. ] CCSR in association with Guerrilla Zoo is proud to present a special screening of Kill Your Darlings and Q&A with film director and co-writer John Krokidos. 

Ginsberg. Kerouac. Burroughs. And Lucien Carr. The last name may be less familiar, but the real-life character was the linchpin who first brought together these three icons of American literary [...]

Common Ground: Democracy & Collectivity in an Age of Individualism

[ 18 June 2014; 18:00 to 20:00. ] We live in an epoch of personal choice, hyper-mobility, celebrity-worship and fiercely competitive labour markets. But this is also the age of networked communication, of global culture, of Occupy and the new politics of ‘the Commons’.

What are the connections and tensions between such apparently diverse tendencies, and do they help democracy to develop, or render [...]

Stuart Hall and Cultural Studies at UEL

Stuart Hall, the globally-respected and much-loved public intellectual and giant of cultural studies, who has just died, had a huge influence on the development of Sociology and Cultural Studies at the University of East London.
UEL (then still North East London Polytechnic) was the first university in the UK to establish an undergraduate degree in, and [...]

Visibility & Citizenship

A series of seminars which will take place in Spring, 2014 assessing the impact of the Snowden papers with interventions from scholars in surveillance studies, journalists and hackers. Exploring the world of the ‘dark net’ , visibility and everyday life, surveillance and polity and digital resistance.
Full details will be published here shortly

Vinyl Culture: A Seminar and a Party

[ 28 March 2014; 18:00; ] Vinyl is the medium that won’t die. How do we explain it’s long-lasting appeal, its unique aesthetic qualities, and the strange sense that these questions are somehow important? This event will see a panel of expert commentators and practitioners discussing the issues in the ideal setting of Brilliant Corners, London’s only audiophile venue, before then hosting [...]