Vinyl Culture: A Seminar and a Party

L1230621Vinyl is the medium that won’t die. How do we explain it’s long-lasting appeal, its unique aesthetic qualities, and the strange sense that these questions are somehow important? This event will see a panel of expert commentators and practitioners discussing the issues in the ideal setting of Brilliant Corners, London’s only audiophile venue, before then hosting a party to put theory into practice.


Attendance is free and open to all – no need to register, just turn up. 

Venue: Brilliant Corners, 470 Kingsland Road, E8 4AE, London, UK

Seminar 6pm:-8pm 


Dominik Bartmanski  of Masaryk University is co-author with Ian Woodward of the forthcoming book Vinyl: The Analogue Record in the Digital Age (Bloomsbury), and the author of several articles in international peer-reviewed journals.

Colleen Murphy is an internationally-renowned DJ and producer, founder and host of Classic Album Sundays and founder member of Lucky Cloud Sound System.

John Harris  of the Guardian is a celebrated journalist and commentator on music, politics and culture.

Jeremy Gilbert of the University if East London is another founder member of Lucky Cloud Sound System, DJ at Beauty and the Beat, and the author of numerous works on music, politics, philosophy and culture.

Chair: Tim Lawrence, University of East London

Party: 8pm-midnight 

Dominik and then record collectors from the Lucky Cloud Sound System will play music from 8pm until midnight. Sushi and Japanese food from the Brilliant Corners kitchen will be available throughout the evening.

Some background reading:

John Harris ‘The antidote to rampant capitalism? 33? revolutions per minute’ 

Interview with Colleen

Jeremy Gilbert ‘The Point of the Needle: Why iPods Suck”

Dominik Bartmanski “The Vinyl: The Analogue Medium in the Age of Digital Reproduction” (abstract)