Women, Work, Equality: From Dagenham to the Coalition Cuts

University of East London, Docklands Campus, Room: EB.G.10

The idea of job creation and job cuts, working and what to do with those who aren’t working, lies at the heart of the coalition government’s reform programme. The plan is simple: public sector jobs and the welfare state are to be cut radically, while the private sector is supposed to fill the vacuum in terms of job creation and big society caring. Responding to the measures, which will hit women disproportionately, the Centre for Cultural Studies Research is hosting a discussion that will focus on the feminist struggle for equality. The event is the third in CCSR’s “Debt, Pain, Work” series that interrogates the discourses and policies of the coalition government.


Anna Bird, Head of Policy and Campaigns, the Fawcett Society.

Sarah Boston, Middlesex University, documentary film maker, currently filming for the TUC’s archive of women’s fight for equal pay for work of equal value.

Beatrix Campbell, award-winning journalist, author, broadcaster, campaigner and playwright.

Tim Hall, University of East London and London Living Wage campaign.

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