New Research in Cultural Studies 3

Docklands Campus
EB G.09

The Centre for Cultural Studies Research at the University of East London is pleased to announce New Research In Cultural Studies 3, a seminar showcasing UEL’s early career and postgraduate research.


Nicola Samson

Dancing a neighbourly two-step: insider/outsider complexities of interviewing in one’s own backyard

Getting to know your neighbours can potentially be the making of great friendships, degenerate into fraught enmity, or produce cool indifference. The highs and lows of living amongst others does not usually engender much more than a passing thought but living on the same street as your interviewees brings into question ethical and relationship concerns that are unlikely to arise in the usual research relationship. This paper will consider some of the issues that have arisen for me as I undertake narrative life story interviews with neighbours in my street for my PhD research on women’s experience of belonging.

Madeline Clements

Enchanted Realms, Sceptical Perspectives – Salman Rushdie’s Post-9/11 Fiction

This paper explores the implications of Rushdie’s maintenance of an irreverent and perhaps therefore necessarily secular stance for a post-9/11 fiction which attempts to map for a world market the subtleties and complexities of a range of national and international spaces of what I term Muslim affiliation and affinity. It questions how far Shalimar (2005) and The Enchantress (2008), novels which attempt to account for the actions of a South Asian Muslim terrorist and to stage on Hindustani shores the ‘quarrel over God’, in fact offer a balanced, democratic critique of imagined contemporary identitarian Islamic interconnections. It also asks how far the author’s personal and political position in relation to ‘the Muslim world’ may inhibit or limit the representations of Muslims he offers in these works.

To be followed by a wine reception

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