Music, Politics, Agency 4: Music, Creativity and Capitalism

27 June 2012

EB.1.03, UEL, Docklands Campus

The final event in the Music, Politics, Agency series, this one day conference explores debates around music, creativity and cultural policy in a time of advancing Neoliberalism. Contributors include, Mark Fisher, Jeremy Gilbert, Dave Hesmondhalgh, Timothy Taylor, Graham Jeffrey, Douglas Lonie, Ewan Pearson and Cecelia Wee.

11:00-13:00: Commerce, Creativity and Capitalism

Mark Fisher, author of Capitalist Realism

Jeremy Gilbert, author of Anticapitalism and Culture, CCSR/UEL

Chair: Tim Lawrence



14:00-16:00: Music and Neoliberal Capitalism

Dave Hesmondhalgh, author of Creative Labour, University of Leeds

Timothy Taylor, author of The Sounds of Capitalism, UCLA

Chair: Tim Lawrence

16:00-18:00: Panel discussion: Musicianship, Capitalism and Cultural Policy

Graham Jeffrey, University of the West of Scotland

Douglas Lonie, Youth Music

Ewan Pearson, DJ/producer

Cecilia Wee, Arts Council

Chair: Jeremy Gilbert

With thanks to the School of Arts & Digital Industries and the Higher Education Innovation Fund.

All welcome. No registration required.