Roshini Kempadoo — Arrival 2010

This is the first of three installations created by Roshini Kempadoo which imagines and reflects experiences of women living in Spain having traveled from North Africa across the Mediterranean. The three-screen installation Arrival reflects the ‘irregular’ migratory route taken by a minority of women who travelled in cayucos (small boats) from North and central West Africa to the Spanish coastland. A lot less women make the crossing to Europe and Kempadoo found few records as evidence of their experience. On each screen is an interlinking narrative imagining what could have happened, what we know some have experienced of the crossing, or provides a possible story of what she might have gone through. Roshini presented Arrival as part of a lecture tour in Canada, Autumn 2010 including the Riddell Lecture 2010 at University of Regina. It was first installed at Point Sud, Bamako, Mali in February 2011 as part of an international symposium and exhibition entitled Photography and the Representation of African Migration (Bamako Project 2011).

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