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The Art of Protest Podcasts

CCSR’s ‘The Art of Protest’ seminar – which looked at the art and music of the recent student protests – took place yesterday (2nd March 2011) and was a well attended event that produced a stimulating discussion. Listen to full audio recordings of Dan Hancox’s, Adam Harper’s and Jesse Darling’s papers here (The Art Of Protest) and the discussion they generated here (The Art of Protest discussion).

‘Women, Work, Equality: From Dagenham to the Coalition Cuts’ Podcast

Professor Maggie Humm reported that the ‘Women, Work, Equality: From Dagenham to the Coalition Cuts’ event was a key finale to our successful seminar series, ‘women are being hit disproportionately by the Budget cuts. Studies show they will carry three-quarters of the burden because they rely more on benefits, and two-thirds of public sector workers are women (77% of the NHS). Women are also over-represented in part-time and hourly paid jobs. Already more than 30,000 women a year lose their jobs due to pregnancy’.

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Cultural Studies in the Future Tense: Interview with Lawrence Grossberg

The Critical Lede has announced a brand new interview with member of the CCSR Advisory Board Lawrence Grossberg about his new book Cultural Studies in the Future Tense. In the interview Dr. Grossberg discusses the problem of reductionism in much of current cultural studies work, how to remedy it with radical contextuality, culture as both transcendent and particularizing and much more. The interview can be heard by going to and clicking the podcast tab on the top of the page. It can also be accessed for free by searching  The Critical Lede on iTunes. The Critical Lede is a weekly podcast focused on critical/cultural communication scholarship.