Then and Now: The Changing Context of Debate?

9 November 2011

The current exhibition, Entanglement: The Ambivalence of Identity (14th September – 19th November 2011) curated by Iniva provides an opportunity to explore a context for international and artists of the diaspora, their work and its curation.

Cultural policy on identity, advocacy by artists, critics and theorists of African, Asian and Caribbean diaspora, and curatorial approaches to multiculturalism have most often shaped and determined the debates about artists from the colonial/postcolonial diaspora. Their work and status have been defined by such contexts over the last 20 years in Britain.

The panelists of Then and Now, Karen Alexander, Roshini Kempadoo (CCSR), Nina Mangalanayagam and Ashwani Sharma (CCSR) will explore how identity politics, definitions of blackness and internationalism are ongoing concerns for artists and curators albeit set within changing practices, definitions and attitudes. Against a historical backdrop of notes from Iniva’s archive, this panel will explore this legacy in a contemporary climate in which state multiculturalism is declared dead, where there are increasing pressures for public/private arrangements for art institutions, and where artists work within a hyper-globalised art environment.

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Critical Beats 1: Sound, Technology & Microgenres

3 November 2011

As part of the Critical Beats seminar series (co-hosted with The Wire), the Sound, Technology & Microgenres event will be a discussion of the way emergent technologies enable dance music to constantly renew itself by spawning multiple new subgenres, and what those subgenres say about the scenes they emerge from.

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