Public Policy

Presented in association with Iniva, the fourth and final event in the Centre for Cultural Studies Research seminar series Culture & Polity explores the question of public policy. As the government’s austerity drive continues to whittle away arts funding while ministers question the very value of the arts, how should artists and arts bodies respond? What might a progressive arts policy look like? Is Britain’s cultural and creative sector under threat. Or will hard times inspire aesthetic and political radicalism?

Speakers: Tessa Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, Iniva; Áine O’Brien, Co-Director of Counterpoints Arts, London; Gavin Poynter, Professor and Chair, London East Research Institute, University of East London, and Cecilia Wee, London Regional Council of Arts Council England.

Venue: PS2, Iniva, Rivington Street, London

Admission £7/£5

Tessa Jackson:
Chief Executive Officer, Iniva. Tessa has over 25 years experience within the visual arts as a gallery director, curator, and consultant on cultural policy and strategic planning in Britain and internationally. Tessa was the founding Artistic Director of Artes Mundi and has curated recent exhibitions by NS Harsha, Chen Chieh-jen and Zineb Sedira.

Áine O’Brien: Áine is Co-Director of Counterpoints Arts, London, and leads on creative direction at Pivotal Arts, Dublin. She created the Forum on Migration and Communications and co-founded the Centre for Transcultural Research and Media Practice. Her productions to date (film, print and curation) explore global storylines linking migration, creative documentary and social change.

Gavin Poynter: Professor and Chair, London East Research Institute, University of East London. Gavin has widely published on London 2012, the economics of the service industries and urban regeneration. He has completed several studies on the East London region, including for the OECD/DCLG, GLA, and local boroughs. He is the co-editor of London After Recession: A Fictitious Capital?

Cecilia Wee: London Regional Council of Arts Council England. Cecilia is a curator, writer and broadcaster who produces projects in the fields of experimental sound, performance and visual art practices. A Visiting Lecturer in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art, she is also Chair of the Live Art Development Agency, a Council Member of Resonance FM and a member of the Artquest Advisory Board.

Chair: Tim Lawrence, Co-director, CCSR, School of Arts and Digital Industries, University of East London.