Welcome to the Centre for Cultural Studies Research at the University of East London

CCSR was established to serve as an international centre for research in contemporary cultural studies, cultural theory and cultural production. The centre supports research into political and theoretical issues in cultural studies and cultural practice. It is committed to interdisciplinary research in five general areas:

  • cultural studies and politics
  • cultural studies and its disciplinary neighbours
  • cultural studies in the public sphere
  • cultural studies and creative practice
  • cultural studies and national contexts

The main objectives of CCSR for the coming years will be:

  • to develop an archive of unpublished and personal papers associated with the formation of cultural studies
  • to house a specialist library of cultural studies publications
  • to pursue external funding and facilitate research projects and publications
  • to promote links with UK universities, arts organisations and creative industries
  • to develop and maintain contacts with cultural studies scholars around the world
  • to run regular symposia and conferences and an annual lecture
  • to provide support for UEL postgraduate students and colleagues doing research in cultural studies

We welcome approaches from graduates interested in pursuing postgraduate study with us. The postgraduate programme in the School of Arts and Digital Industries includes MAs in Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Global Media and Film,Video and New Screen Media. The committee also welcomes approaches from those interested in researching for a PhD and academics interested in collaborative research and Visiting Fellowships. Full details of the research interests of members of the CCSR committee can be accessed here.

Centre for Cultural Studies Research