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Jack Halberstam: The Queer Art of Failure

Jack Halberstam will discuss her new book, The Queer Art of Failure, published by Duke University Press in the autumn of 2011, at a Centre for Cultural Studies Research symposium on 26 October 2011. Author of Female Masculinity and In a Queer Time and Place, and also keynote speaker at the Cultural Studies Now conference held at UEL in 2008, Halberstam returns to explore alternatives to the conventional success stories of heteronormative capitalist society and to also ask what “low theory” might contribute to Cultural Studies. Copies of The Queer Art of Failure will be available to purchase at the event alongside some of Halberstam’s earlier books.

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PoP Moves Symposium

CCSR, alongside the Institute for Performing Arts Development (IPAD), Roehampton University, Kingston University, De Montfort University, University of Chichester and the Society for Dance Research present, PoP Moves, the annual popular dance studies symposium.

This year, PoP Moves is promising to be an exciting international event. The theme, “Amplifying movement: New directions in popular dance studies,” has drawn interest and submissions from the UK, Germany, France, USA, Canada and beyond.

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CCSR at ‘Current Issues in European Cultural Studies’ ACSIS Conference 2011

CCSR’s Jeremy Gilbert, Roshini Kempadoo and Mica Nava will be joined by David Morley (Goldmsiths, CCSR Advisory Board) and John Hutnyk (Goldsmiths) at a spotlight session at the Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden’s forthcoming ‘Current Issues in European Cultural Studies’ conference. Entitled ‘British Cultural Studies’, the session will explore the impact of British Cultural Studies on the formation of the discipline. Jeremy Gilbert will also be a panelist at the ‘Current Issues and Trends in European Cultural Studies’ session. The conference is being held at the University of Linkopings (Sweden) and takes place 15 – 17 June, 2011.

The Art of Protest Podcasts

CCSR’s ‘The Art of Protest’ seminar – which looked at the art and music of the recent student protests – took place yesterday (2nd March 2011) and was a well attended event that produced a stimulating discussion. Listen to full audio recordings of Dan Hancox’s, Adam Harper’s and Jesse Darling’s papers here (The Art Of Protest) and the discussion they generated here (The Art of Protest discussion).

‘Women, Work, Equality: From Dagenham to the Coalition Cuts’ Podcast

Professor Maggie Humm reported that the ‘Women, Work, Equality: From Dagenham to the Coalition Cuts’ event was a key finale to our successful seminar series, ‘women are being hit disproportionately by the Budget cuts. Studies show they will carry three-quarters of the burden because they rely more on benefits, and two-thirds of public sector workers are women (77% of the NHS). Women are also over-represented in part-time and hourly paid jobs. Already more than 30,000 women a year lose their jobs due to pregnancy’.

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CCSR Annual Lecture 2011 – Jacqueline Rose

‘Total Belief – Delirium in the West’

What is the nature of our political investments?  In what, psychically, do they consist?  In this lecture, Jacqueline Rose will return to Hannah Arendt’s analysis of totalitarianism as mental control and ask: what form of belief and passion does such subjection entail? What happens when a political belief becomes sacred?  What categories of truth and falsehood, belief and disbelief, were engaged in the ideological order of the Third Reich?  This lecture will suggest that there is a productive link to be forged between Arendt’s analysis and Freud’s engagement with the question of faith. Above all, by focusing on one of the darkest moments of European history, it will suggest that those who too quickly ascribe the category of the religious `fanatic’ or `extremist’ to distant cultures and worlds have much to learn from some of the most intense deliriums – lethal and transformative – of the West.

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