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Music, Politics, Agency 4: Music, Creativity and Capitalism

EB.1.03, UEL, Docklands Campus

The final event in the Music, Politics, Agency series, this one day conference explores debates around music, creativity and cultural policy in a time of advancing Neoliberalism. Contributors include, Mark Fisher, Jeremy Gilbert, Dave Hesmondhalgh, Timothy Taylor, Graham Jeffrey, Douglas Lonie, Ewan Pearson and Cecelia Wee.

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Music, Politics and Agency

A one-day conference presented by: Centre for Cultural Studies Research, University of East London, Faculty of Social Sciences, Open University, Media Industries Research Centre, University of Leeds

Can music change anything, or does its potency lie merely in its exemplary status as an organised human activity? What are the effects of power relations on music and to what extent is music itself a site at which power relations can be reinforced, challenged or subverted? What are the economic, affective, corporeal or ideological mechanisms through which these processes occur? Has the age of  recorded music as a potent social force now passed, a relic of the twentieth century; or with the music industry in crisis, is music culture in fact the first post-capitalist sector of the cultural economy, only now emerging from the long shadow of the culture industry? What historical or contemporary examples can we draw on to address some or all of these questions?

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