Digitisation and Value

This is the first seminar in our Culture & Polity series, interrogating urgent questions of cultural change in the context of new forms of community, contemporary commodity forms and government policy.

This session will bring together a range of perspectives on the question of digitization and value, from the spheres of media and cultural studies, digital arts practice, and open source enterprise. To what extent do networked digital technologies enable new forms of human subjectivity, social organization and expressive new forms of culture? Do digital production tools and networked communications provide new modalities of intensity and sensation? Or do the materialities of digitization merely extend the field of neoliberal authority? Can technology offer new tools for building communities and potentially emancipate impoverished groups and environments? How do we conceive of value in a digital world?

Room EB1.45, first floor, East Building, UEL Docklands Campus, E16 2RD

Dr Paula Graham: ”Big Society’ and the Digitisation Agenda – Transforming Tower Hamlets?’
Dr Graham is Director of Fossbox and founder of Flossie

Professor Gary Hall: ‘#My Subjectivation’
Professor Hall is Director of the Centre for Disruptive Media, Coventry University and author of Digitize this book! The Politics of New Media(Minnesota UP, 2008)

Dr Roshini Kempadoo: ‘Templating Our Visual Selves: The Question of Critical Aesthetics’
Dr Kempadoo is Reader in Media Studies, School of Arts & Digital Industries, UEL, Digital Image Artist and photographer whose work has recently been shown as part of About Change (World Bank Art Program, Washington DC) and Wrestling with the Image: Caribbean Interventions (Art Museum of the Americas, Washington DC)

Professor Susanna Paasonen: ‘Stickiness, Labour & Online Porn’
Professor Paasonen teaches Media Studies at University of Turku, Finland and is the author of Carnal Resonance: Affect and Online Pornography(MIT Press, 2011)

For further information please contact Stephen Maddison s.maddison@uel.ac.uk.